Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some Quotes from Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is my favorite poet. I love that he is a farmer/poet, like I am a homemaker/poet. It gives me hope that I too may one day be able to put together a collection. His lens on the world is unique and beautiful. His poems entwine generations of humanity with nature and both of these with God. After sitting and reading from his works, I feel refreshed and renewed and re-purposed.

Here are some quotes:

“We clasp the hands of those that go before us, And the hands of those who come after us. We enter the little circle of each other's arms And the larger circle of lovers, Whose hands are joined in a dance, And the larger circle of all creatures, Passing in and out of life, Who move also in a dance, To a music so subtle and vast that no ear hears it Except in fragments”

"It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are.”

How To Be a Poet by Wendell Berry

(to remind myself)
Make a place to sit down.
Sit down. Be quiet.
You must depend upon
affection, reading, knowledge,
skill—more of each than you have—inspiration,
work, growing older, patience,
for patience joins time
to eternity. Any readers
who like your work,doubt their judgment.
Breathe with unconditional breath
the unconditioned air.
Shun electric wire.
Communicate slowly. Live
a three-dimensioned life;
stay away from screens.
Stay away from anything that obscures the place it is in.
There are no unsacred places;
there are only sacred places
and desecrated places.
Accept what comes from silence.
Make the best you can of it.
Of the little words that come
out of the silence, like prayers
prayed back to the one who prays,
make a poem that does not disturb
the silence from which it came.

To The Holy Spirit

O Thou, Far off and here, whole and broken,
Who in necessity and in bounty wait,
Whose truth is light and dark, mute though spoken,
By Thy wide grace show me Thy narrow gate.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pictures that Maeve took

Here are some pictures that Maeve took this Spring. She received a camera as a Christmas gift and has been clicking away ever since. She takes some really good shots for a ten year old. I love the tree, how she managed to get it completely centered I don't know. The photo of Hilde is also very cute. One of the best things about my girls is how much they love each other. They even share diaries. Maeve gave Hilde a key to her diary and Hilde gave Maeve a key to hers. I was touched when I found this out. Then I asked for a key and they both rolled their eyes at me.

Getting started

I am in the middle of creating this blog, while arguing with my husband about it. Welcome to my normal.

He has been saying for years I need a blog. This morning when I was in process of creating one, he says, "What do you need a blog for?" Thanks for the support dear. He was actually asking what I think I will blog about. Apparently, everything and anything wasn't specific enough for him.

The main intent of this space is for me to put my thoughts and essays somewhere and keep the people I love up to date on the conversations in my head (and the get those conversation down on paper). I like the idea of centralizing and giving form to my writing. Up until now it has been snippets on the laptop and submissions to magazines all spread out all over and in various stages. To me. a blog gives structure and the oh-so-needed accountability to actually sit down and write.

The name Sacramental Mothering, is well, sacramental for me. I believe that everything I do as wife, mother and human being somehow should bring life to others. I also think that even the mundane things like laundry, cooking and rearing children are sacred and worthy to be written about. I believe God meets us best in our everyday ordinary life and living in gratitude is the best posture to take. We will see if you agree.