Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting started

I am in the middle of creating this blog, while arguing with my husband about it. Welcome to my normal.

He has been saying for years I need a blog. This morning when I was in process of creating one, he says, "What do you need a blog for?" Thanks for the support dear. He was actually asking what I think I will blog about. Apparently, everything and anything wasn't specific enough for him.

The main intent of this space is for me to put my thoughts and essays somewhere and keep the people I love up to date on the conversations in my head (and the get those conversation down on paper). I like the idea of centralizing and giving form to my writing. Up until now it has been snippets on the laptop and submissions to magazines all spread out all over and in various stages. To me. a blog gives structure and the oh-so-needed accountability to actually sit down and write.

The name Sacramental Mothering, is well, sacramental for me. I believe that everything I do as wife, mother and human being somehow should bring life to others. I also think that even the mundane things like laundry, cooking and rearing children are sacred and worthy to be written about. I believe God meets us best in our everyday ordinary life and living in gratitude is the best posture to take. We will see if you agree.


  1. This is from Jill's Dear husband:
    1) I was trying to have a conversation. Jill gets into her "writer mode" and the conversation quickly degrades into something that looks a lot like an argument.

    2) I didn't say, "What do you need a blog for?" I said, "What are you going to blog about?" The "Writer Mode" Jill flew off and said that I had been "telling her for years that she should write a blog" and there was more of what might look like an argument. I'll try to be more "supportive" so hopefully future entries will be more sacramental.

  2. Did I know about this and forget in pregnancy haze? This is awesome!