Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vacation in Vermont

We just spent a few, and I mean a few, days visiting Vermont. We have lived in New England for twelve years and have never made it there until now. It took our friends from Texas going there to escape the heat to get yes to make the trip.

We stayed at a very cute Inn, The Hugging Bear ( , in Chester, VT. The innkeeper Georgette was hosting us and her family for the days we were there. So, in the whole inn, it was us and her daughters' families. It really made us feel like family. We were even included in a private concert by her grandson Brendan Thomas ( . Very cool.

There are few things that amazed me about Vermont. It really is green all over. It is really way out in the middle of nowhere. I am sure Vermont has cities, but I didn't see them. People are nice in Vermont! You may think this last one is a no-brainer, but let me explain. When I say "nice" I mean welcoming and hospitable. I have come to love New England, but these two words don't really describe the every day experience here. However, in Vermont we were greeted by people on the street, we were welcomed into shops and inns and the people at the amusement park were accommodating! I was overwhelmed with kindness and it really threw me for a loop. Now that I am home, I kind of miss it. I am not saying that New Englanders are rude, they are just not usually outgoing.

The most amusing thing for me was staying in a small town. Just after we checked in to the room, I looked out the window to see a "vicar", a woman in a dress and straw hat and a man in a tie crossing the green headed to tour the town cemetery. It was like being in a BBC masterpiece theatre. I just didn't want to be the suspicious outsiders accused of a crime. I wanted to be one of the stalwart townspeople. I have always wanted to live in a small town and live right off main street and be a "townie". Alas, not yet to be.

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