Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today I was reminded twice that I am getting old. Not just once but twice. I am ambivalent as to whether I care if I am old, I just don't like to be reminded.
First, I received a clothing catalog in the mail. I don't know why I get this catalog, I don't think I have ordered anything from them since before Maeve was born. Anyway, I flipped through the pages and saw zip leg leggings, acid wash jeans (which are called ultra-hued, but I know acid wash when I see it) and, wait for it, NEON. Yes, neon. A neon sweater with dolman sleeves. I felt like I was in a time warp- could it be 1985 again? Then I realized that what was fashionable when I was 14 is now back in style. Good heavens, neon was a bad idea to begin with, for the love of God don't bring it back! No one looks good in neon pink or lime green. Seriously, no one needs that bright of a color.

Then after dinner the girls and I were watching Cake Boss (TLC). If you haven't seen it, you should; it is like watching the Jersey Shore with baked goods. Okay, better than that, but still a slice of life from the Italian section of Hoboken. Anyway, they did a cake for the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street. The girls wanted to know where Abby cadaby was. I wanted to see Snuffleupagus. I said, "Who is Abby?" Hilde said, "Who is Snuffleupagus again?" Really? How have my children missed out on the vital pieces of children's television. I took the chance to inform them that back in the day there was no Elmo, no Zoe and no Abby. They were incredulous. Does anyone else remember the school house scenes and spelling with Franklin? I wonder if I could find old Sesame Street episodes on video. I think I could even get Daniel to watch them. I blame Dora the Explorer for this. If she hadn't come along and pulled kids to that other network, we would all still be getting all our kids' TV from PBS.


  1. I was wondering if Cake Boss made you think of Sesame Street. I saw it too. Joe asked me who Abby was. Neon ... enough said. I'm awaiting your crazy/passive aggressive husbands post.

  2. Poor Old Jill. As for Snuffleupagus, the girls should be excused for not remembering Snuffleupagus by that name. In mid-2005 (when Maeve was 6 and Hilde was almost 4), the girls and I were talking about the "esophagus" and I said that it sounded like Snuffleupagus. Maeve told Jill that we were going to call Big Bird's friend "Esophagus". The next day, I found an article ( http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/bigbird/ ) about Big Bird killing Snuffleupagus and I printed out the coloring activity picture for Maeve and Hilde. Even without telling them the story, Hilde said that Big Bird looked angry. Maeve said that the gun was smoking because it had just been used.

  3. Daniel can recall this because it is well documented in his father's diary. Color coded, internet linked and all. Passive aggressive and anal retentive. :)