Monday, February 1, 2010

In an effort...

In an effort to cut down on the time I waste watching TV, I decided to work on my computer after the girls were in bed. So far, I have read 4 blogs, scanned CNN, and watched a whole documentary on Liberia. All on my computer. I am not sure, in fact I am convinced, that zoning out for an hour and a half in front of the computer is really no better than TV. Except for the fact the laptop doesn't have a remote, so I am forced to mostly watch one thing at a time. I can't endlessly channel surf and watch 6 shows in a hour, which is really not watching anything.

In case you are interested the Liberia documentary can be found at . It is a great site but VERY GRAPHIC. Beware if you have a weak stomach or children in the house.

Tomorrow I may actually turn off the TV and the computer.

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  1. The other day, I found myself reminding Lilly that "screen time is screen time." "Not if you're looking out a window," she said to me. "Duly noted," I said. Duly noted.