Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Travelogue Part 1 - Trip to Texas

This is the blog equivalent to viewing other people's vacation slides. I completely understand if you zone out now.

Maeve, Hilde and I headed out to the great state of Texas last week for a week filled with fun and adventure and more rain than I have ever seen in Texas.

For the first part of the week we were in San Antonio. We stayed at the Drury Inn on the Riverwalk and it was awesome! Since the hotel had free hot breakfast and free, very yummy appetizers (plus cocktails), it was basically us and a lot of elderly people. One thing you know about that crowd is they love to eat, especially when it's free and they love to chat. Since I love to chat too we met several nice people from all over and had a lovely cocktail hour.

We also spent the time with my nephew Clifton, his wife Michele and their very adorable kids Sandy and Brooke. Here are some shots.
Pony-ah, dog they have.

Sandy on the River walk boat tour. She has the Litkenhaus smile. It is more of a smirk but that's all you get.

How cute is this! Maeve and Hilde enjoyed being the "big kids". The first few hours Sandi just hollered for the Big Kids when she wanted Maeve or Hilde.

Sideways picture of Clif and Brooke, I can't figure out how to turn it.

On the couch trying to get happy group shots but no one was really interested.

Playing with the baby.

Great shot of Brooke and Michele.

Shots from the Riverwalk Boat Tour. These were all before Hilde, Maeve and I got pooped on by a bird. Luckily we had on raincoats and Michele had baby wipes, so we survived.
We had a great time with our family. I haven't spent that much time with Clif in years. It was nice to have hours and hours together to get to know Michele and the girls. Maeve and Hilde had so much fun with Sandy and Brooke.

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