Thursday, April 22, 2010

Travelogue Part 3- Wrapping up San Antonio

It's your friendly neighborhood Texas tour guide again. Here is the last bunch of pictures from San Antonio. On Thursday, after we had seen the Alamo and had a disappointing, overpriced trip to the Texas Ranger Museum, we had to figure out what to do in the rain. We went the children's museum, which is very close to the Alamo. It was a perfect fit for a soggy three year old and her older and slightly-tired-of-sightseeing-cousins.

Here are Maeve and Hilde "dressing up"

Clifton said, "Aunt Jill, take a picture of me with Grandpa." :)

After the Children's museum, we ate lunch at the Mexican Manhattan. Go here when you are in San Antonio, you will not regret it. It is not fancy, but it is GOOD . They have the most authentic food on the Riverwalk but not the inflated prices. Their re-fried beans are the best I have ever had. For some reason I forgot to take a picture. Next time.

After lunch it was pouring outside! Clif took Brooke, the baby home out of the rain and he also picked up Kevin, Michele's nephew who is staying with them. They came back in later for dinner.

Michele, Sandy, Maeve, Hilde and I braved the downpour and hiked 7 blocks to the El Mercado or marketplace. It was quite a hike in the rain but we were determined. Who would have thought that 7 blocks East of the Riverwalk is Mexico? That's what it felt like. The market is full of little shops and cafes. All the people are hawking goods "Hencho En Mexico". It was a good place to get cheap souvenirs.

Also at the El Mercado is the Museo Alameda

It celebrates Mexican culture and is part of the Smithsonian. It was the best deal at $4 for all 5 of us. The exhibit was La Charreria, the Mexican Equestrian culture. No photography was allowed. Again, this was sad because the exhibit was beautiful and I would have loved to get pictures of all the fancy leather and bead work. However, I am good citizen and always follow museum rules.

Maeve and Hilde were fascinated by the combination of riding horses and fancy clothes. They even had saddles with emeralds and rubies.

We also had the undivided attention of the security guard, who acted as the tour guide. (Did I mention it was pouring? ) He was very helpful added interesting bits of information.

This is the San Fernando Cathedral as we were trying to rush to the El Mercado.

We were given trash bags to wear over our rain coats, because we were soaked by this point. I had to put our clothes in the dryer at the hotel. This was a foreshadowing of more rain to come.

These smiles were because we found a trolley to ride back to the hotel after the El Mercado. I don't know why we didn't think of taking it to the El Mercado. I am going to blame it on full bellies of Mexican food making us sleepy.

This is strawberry basil gelatto from a tiny store in the plaza near the Iron Cactus on the Riverwalk. This guy had great flavors and made us try them all. He was really nice and even knew where Woonsocket was. I ended up with this. Maeve ended up with Stracciatella (3 kinds of chocolate and a little salt) and Hilde had Spanish chocolate.
Last picture in San Antonio. This is us packed up and ready to head out to the hill country to stay with our friends in Kerrville.
Clif drove us half way there and we met April at the Rim, which is a very fancy and large shopping center. Thanks Clif! I am glad that we were able to get him to the Bass Pro Shoppes.
Now that you know what you have been missing, when are you going to San Antonio? I'll meet you at the Mexican Manhattan.
Next stop Cowboy Country.......

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