Monday, April 26, 2010

Travelogue Part 4- Hill Country

The haunts of happiness are varied, but I have more often found her among little children, home firesides and country houses than anywhere else. (Sydney Smith)

After time in San Antonio the Perrin girls headed out to the hill country of Texas. Our friends the Muellers live there. There is Jim and April, the parents and Isaiah, Ivy, Vienne and Leo, the children. We also got to see April's parents Pat and Gary or Gainya and Papa as the girls know them.

I have to admit that if the Muellers lived anywhere, we would love visiting. They are friends who are like family and time with them is precious and beautiful.

Lucky for us though, they also live in a beautiful place called the Hill Country. It is miles and miles of pretty. I was trying hard to find a word that describes it and I would have to say timeless. It feels like it has always been this way and always will be.

We started our time there in Fredericksburg. We had lunch at Rather Sweet, a world famous, many magazines featured cafe.

After which we shopped and visited Wild Seed Farm to see Texas wildflowers. We also visited Becker Vineyards for a tasting with Henri. Then it was back to town to stuff ourselves with German food for dinner.

All of these children played beautifully while Jim, Gary and I were inside the tasting room having lovely glasses of wine poured for us by Henri. Thanks Gainya and April!

He knows he's cute.

Pretty poppies.

Fun fact: There are A LOT of Germans in Texas. It is kind of cool and weird at the same time but Fredericksburg is a large German town smack in the middle of Texas. You can thank Texas settling Germans for your flour tortillas. Before the Germans got there, they were all corn. You can also, thank them for adding the accordion to mariachi music.

Windmill at the Vineyard.

Still life of girls in Blue Bonnets. This is an obligatory Texas tradition in which I don't mind partaking. You can photograph Blue Bonnets all you want, just don't pick them. It's illegal and it is sure to get you harassed by a Texas Lady. You never want to be harassed by a Texas Lady.

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