Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Version of Say Yes to the Dress

While Daniel is hell-bent on making our girls into girls, who can and and want to do anything and everything boys can do, when they are with me we tend to do classically girlish pursuits.

One such pursuits is watching Say Yes to the Dress together. This is a TLC show that shows the day to say operations of Kleinfeld's Bridal in NYC. It is fun to see which bride picks which dress and who causes how much drama.

In honor of my anniversary tomorrow, we had our own version. We hauled out my wedding dress.

Here it is:

I know, I know, It's so 90's. Well, yes; I did get married in 1993. The original Beverly Hills 90210 was on TV and things like hair and wedding dresses, where a little puffier.

17 years ago I was 21 and the thought of looking like a princess in Puffed Sleeves made me giddy.

When I took it out, I was thinking, "It's so puffy, even before you add the crinoline."
"There's a crinoline!"
"Oh, there is butt bow!"
"It's sooo beautiful but EWWW, it stinks!"

(It did stink. The day I got married it was 102 degrees and 98% humidity. I never had the dress dry cleaned. Hot weather plus 17 years encased in a plastic garment bag equals 1 STINKY dress!)

Then I stepped into it and I knew.

After all these years, I would still say yes to this dress.

It still makes me feel like a princess. I love the lace, I love the roses, I love the silk. Darn it I even love the bow on the butt.

This is my dress.

The dress that I would choose again to wear walking down the aisle.

We wanted to look at it because I have hopes that one or both of my children might want to wear my dress.

I want my daughters to feel like princesses on their wedding days. I want them to feel confident and poised but also beautiful. I want this because I think they are already beautiful and on their wedding day, I want the men in their lives to see on the outside, what I hope will still be there on the inside.

Beauty, Grace, Confidence, Intelligence, Femininity and Gentleness.

Hilde is with me. Her eyes light up and she smiled when she saw it. I could tell she wanted to be a princess too. When the sequins glittered I could see her making plans. She is a girl who will fall in love at first sight.

Heaven help us.

Maeve, the thinker, ever precise, and always her own person, wasn't so sure. She likes the embroidery, the lace and silk. Definitely not the bow, and to my surprise definitely not the sleeves.


The sleeves are my favorite part.

Time will tell. Hilde might want something completely different and Maeve might turn out to be more nostalgic than I thought.

Daniel will be happy to present them with their ever burgeoning Craftsman dowry and brag about how the girls will be running the garages and I will be happy no matter what they wear.

As long as they say yes to their dress and more importantly the men who will love them for all that they are and are becoming. .

It's okay if they don't choose this dress.

It's mine anyway.


  1. Shall I put you on the guest list for my party? I'm calling it, "A Second Time Around For A Once-in-a-Lifetime Gown."

    You in?

  2. Completely! Unfortunately I took my dress to be cleaned and "sealed". Not to be opened again until a daughter gets married. The dry cleaner kept apologizing that it won't be back until August. I finally told her it was okay, I waited 17 years to get it cleaned, I can wait until August, no rush.