Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh the pressure!

August is supposed to be the height of summer. Easy days filled with fun and frolic. Not for me. Every August I am reminded by my school district that I have not turned in the required year end report.

I need to turn them in and then turn in my home school application for next year. If the school district doesn't get these forms, I will be denied the right to home school.

As if.

But I digress. When the forms arrive in the mail, they send me into a panic. You see I need to list the curriculum I am using for the coming year. Literature and History are easy, we use Sonlight. Math is easy this year; we have switched to Teaching Textbooks. What gives me a rash every year is grammar. You would think that a writer, who loves to read would be able to teach her children grammar. Not so, every Language Arts curriculum I have used has been good, but not perfect.

I, like every other home schooling mom, am looking for the perfect curriculum which will turn my children into literate, advanced writers.

This insatiable need to match how my girls learn with what I think they should know causes me to miss most of these beautiful August nights.

I am scouring the Internet, reading all the reviews, bugging my friends to death, all in the search for the holy grail. An easy to use comprehensive, Charlotte Mason, grammar curriculum that my children will love to use every morning.

Never mind that this, like the grail, is a mythical object. My fingers are already numb from searching.

I will find it!

Even if it means being completely oblivious to the summer around me. What a meager sacrifice in return for children who will read Eats, Shoots and Leaves and laugh in agreement.

Just poke me sometime before Labor Day, and remind that school has already started and my children need me to get off the computer.

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  1. We use They also have a writing program called Time4Writing. We love T4L and have used it for three years now. We are beginning third grade next week. We use it as our core curriculum and then supplement with field trips and lots and lots of reading.