Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unexpected beauty

Maeve, Hilde and I usually go all out with Christmas decorating. I have at least three boxes of indoor decorations alone. Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving we begin to pull everything out, re-arrange furniture and deck our halls for Christmas.

This year is a little different. We are officially moving to Oklahoma City, OK sometime in January. For the past few weeks I have been slowly working on getting the house de-cluttered and ready to put on the market. Since my goals are "Less" and "Simple" I haven't felt like decorating for Christmas. My motto with decoration has always been "Go big or go home". My favorite color is red, so our house is usually adorned with all manner of red, gold, glittery things. This year my motto is "Put things in a box, don't take them out of a box."

Maeve and Hilde were adamant that we put up a tree and our advent calendar. Truthfully, I wanted these too, since it didn't feel like Christmas without them. So, we compromised on the tree. We put up our little tree.

We have a regular, full seven foot tree which is our standard tree each with multi-colored lights. Then we have a little tree, which is shorter and more narrow and it pre-lit with white lights. The little tree takes less room and is easier although, to us, it is a little less pretty than the regular multi-colored one.

We also decided to only put on "special" ornaments on the tree this year. Each year since their birth, each girl gets a "special" ornament. Maeve gets a Wedgwood ornament and Hilde gets a Waterford ornament. We pick a day before Thanksgiving and the three of us go to select the ornament and then have lunch. It is a special mother-daughter tradition that I love. By the time they leave our house for good, they will each have a set of gorgeous ornaments.

So, we have eleven Wedgwood ornaments all in shades of cream, white, gold and Wedgwood blue. Add to that Hilde's ten crystal Waterford ornaments which sparkle when they hit the light. We filled in with ten others in pearl and silver and pastel shades. So, all in all only thirty one ornaments on the tree and glass and cream star on top.

We thought it would look pretty sparse. We were wrong.

The effect of white lights and the the white porcelain and crystal is ethereal. It is looks fragile and very, very pretty.

It is like a frosty winter wonderland.

Maeve says it looks dainty. She's right. It is just about the girliest tree we have ever had.
We have been oohing and ahhing all afternoon.

Such unexpected beauty born out of simplicity.

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