Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That Other Blog......

The Pioneer Woman

How is she not 500lbs!?

How does she manage to publish 3 books, home school, cook and blog?

There is a dark underbelly here I tell you. She MUST have help. I want to know how she does it.

Is MM really the one who does school? Does she keep Missy locked in a room sleeping in ashes, forcing her to do housework? Is Cowboy Josh really her live in IT support?

It's not fair. It makes the rest of us feel sub par.

I am going to start another kind of blog.

One where mothers are encouraged to savor every moment no matter how mundane because productivity isn't the point.

The point is that whether or not you cook, publish or homeschool, motherhood is sacred.

Oh wait….


  1. I have to believe that she has help. Because I've calculated it in my head, and if someone were to post 5 blog posts a day, write a book, homeschool and help out on the ranch, let alone go grocery shopping and clean and take care of 4 kids, they would have to have about 5 more hours in a day than I do.

    Either that, or she accomplishes a lot of it by ignoring other parts. IT's the only way. IT has to be!!

    (this is Amy by the way, I'm too lazy to sign out of JEff's account. At this rate I'll never be the next Pioneer woman. arrgghh)

  2. Amy, amen sister. I love your blog even if you never reach the million follower status. :)It is my tenuous connection to your family, whom I miss!