Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What we did today

We spent a day spent touring The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; the MFA for those in the know.

This was a long planned trip that finally came to fruition.
It was now or never so we grabbed the chance and away we went.

We added some poignant memories to dear, dear friendships.

What am I going to do without these people?

As a special treat we got a tour of the kitchens. THANKS GREGG! This was a treat planned for Maeve but it turned out to be the best part for all of us. (We got to go behind the secret wall!).

It takes a lot of people, equipment and hard work to craft a pleasant dining experience. It would cost $250K to get married here.

The food was delicious. We sampled almost everything, so I can say this with certainty.

We drank in beauty all around all us: dresses, model boats, sculptures, staircases, paintings, benches and bathrooms. (Yes, bathrooms)

We stared open mouthed and salivating at the small bits of Chihuly that were dangled in front of us.

We made up silly stories about people in the paintings.

Is it bad to make fun of good art?

We packed up friendships surrounded by Sargent, Monet, Renoir, and Cassatt.

Art took the edges off saying goodbye.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Every year for the past few years I have given up something for Lent. (Lent being the forty day preparation before celebrating Holy Week and Easter.) This year Hilde is adamant about not eating meat. She has had "non-vegetarian days" but she wants to go through Lent without eating meat. She will, except for St. Patrick's Day when she *NEEDS* to have corned beef. (Her words not mine.) I told her it was okay, the Pope gave everyone a dispensation for St. Patrick's Day. To which she replied, "What's a pope?"

Maeve in her ever realistic, "Why would you do that?" phase didn't give anything up for Lent. When I thought about it I was happy. Maeve is a rule follower, checklist perfectionist already. She doesn't need Lent. She needs to learn to lighten up.

I was reluctant to tell my family what I was giving up this year. I wanted to keep it secret, I didn't want any comments.

My girls wouldn't let me.

So, I told them. I promised Daniel not to ask to be desperate before God. I did that before and He took me up on the offer.

So, this year I gave up TV - again. Yes, again. Why? TV is a huge distraction for me. I get lost in it. It is mind numbing.

Now, I don't believe all TV is evil. TV can be watched in a sacramental way. So, this year I decided to watch TV with the girls but then no TV if they are not with me.

Maeve said, "Good! Now you will have more time to write stories." Yes, that's part of the point. TV sucks my time when I really would rather be here or writing an essay or news article. It is just that after 9pm mind numbing activities are so easy and writing with a sleepy brain is so hard.

This Lent I will try to watch less and write more.

I also wanted to engage in a spiritual activity this year. Do something not just give something up. The past few weeks have been hard. I am moving across the country and have needed to sell a house. Moving is a kind of Lent in itself. I needed to lighten up too.

So, I chose an easy thing. I am reading a book. I am reading An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor. She is the queen of ordinary sacrament. This book is giving voice to my vocation. It resonates with me.

No big goals for this forty day, just a little trying to be more attentive.

I'll let you know who we do.

P.S. The image I used is from a great organization. Check them out Love Life Live Lent.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sacramental Quote of the Day:

My life depends on engaging the most ordinary physical activities with the most exquisite attention I can give them. ~ Barbara Brown Taylor