Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What we did today

We spent a day spent touring The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; the MFA for those in the know.

This was a long planned trip that finally came to fruition.
It was now or never so we grabbed the chance and away we went.

We added some poignant memories to dear, dear friendships.

What am I going to do without these people?

As a special treat we got a tour of the kitchens. THANKS GREGG! This was a treat planned for Maeve but it turned out to be the best part for all of us. (We got to go behind the secret wall!).

It takes a lot of people, equipment and hard work to craft a pleasant dining experience. It would cost $250K to get married here.

The food was delicious. We sampled almost everything, so I can say this with certainty.

We drank in beauty all around all us: dresses, model boats, sculptures, staircases, paintings, benches and bathrooms. (Yes, bathrooms)

We stared open mouthed and salivating at the small bits of Chihuly that were dangled in front of us.

We made up silly stories about people in the paintings.

Is it bad to make fun of good art?

We packed up friendships surrounded by Sargent, Monet, Renoir, and Cassatt.

Art took the edges off saying goodbye.

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