Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle

It has been an longer than expected hiatus from the blog because in the past few weeks we have moved from Rhode Island to Oklahoma.

It is a bit of culture shock and we have been busy looking for houses. We also didn't have internet access in the house until yesterday. It's kind of hard to maintain a blog with no internet connection.

So here's what I've observed in Oklahoma City so far:

  • The wind really does come sweeping down the plain. It sweeps all the time, all the time.
  • Since it is windy all the time. What the OK forecast calls windy is really GUSTY. This would have been good to know before I decided to make most of my summer wardrobe skirts.
  • It is flat, flat, flat. Since it is flat any little rise in the road gives you a weird sense of the horizon. It seems like you are going to fall off the edge. Since there are no real hills, the elevated highways just hang in the air. This is problematic for a person who is afraid of heights.
  • People in middle America really do drive more American cars. This is problematic for my Honda when I am hemmed in by Escalades.
  • I am back in the land of Baptists. There is a baptist church on every corner. This is actually helpful because they provide landmarks. Left at First Baptist, down past Metro Baptist, etc. This is also true of Church of Christs.
  • I am not sure if this is due to PW's bassett hound but a lot of people have bassett hounds. I have literally stumbled upon two during my house hunting.
  • There is a large population of Native Americans. Oklahoma is where the government settled most of the tribes. It is kind of cool and just different from white bread New England.
  • The most expensive town to live in smells like dog food. You have to pay extra to live near the Purina Plant. Strange.
  • There are many signs on businesses and libraries saying, "Please do not bring firearms into the store." Apparently the concealed weapon law is big here.
  • Daniel's company seems to be as awesome in reality as it does on paper.
  • We left the snow to come to instant summer. I hope we make it through August.
  • People apparently stand outside when the tornado siren goes off, to watch where the storm is. This seems counter productive to me but at least if I see neighbors in their yards I know something is happening.
  • The people are really very nice and welcoming.

So far, so good.

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