Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tornadoes swept through Central Oklahoma today. I think the weatherman said there were at least four that touched down.

We actually had a reason to weather obsessed today.

There was a "maxi" "long track" "F4" storm that swept from out West up into the Metro and it came within ten miles of us.

Daniel drove home trying to beat it and he did - thank goodness (that's an understatement). He came home and about ten minutes later that siren went off and we went to our safe place - the master closet.

While the girls and I tried not to cry, Daniel told us on his way home he saw fireman standing on the street corner conducting a boot drive. I think he was trying to calm us down.

After about twenty minutes in the closet we realized we were safe. The tornado had passed to our west and wad heading to towns North. This particular one made it all the way past Stillwater.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the rest of the storms move East.

So what did I learn from today?

  • Gary England is the best weatherman in OKC. The guy on KFOR was screaming and scarred us to death. Gary England was calm and level headed and that's what you need in a storm.

  • I am glad my husband came home, even though it was dangerous. I needed him in the closet.

  • I learned we can make it through a tornado warning.

  • I didn't realize how stressful living in Oklahoma would be for my dad. (Go to bed dad, we are fine. )

  • I learned that even a crisis moment can be sacramental. The girls and I prayed for Daniel, we prayed for our safety. They knew people were praying for us. The prayer helped - a lot. We were really in a safe place.

  • Deep breathing does help calm your nerves.
  • Chocolate strawberry cupcakes are a good way to celebrate being alive.
  • I am definitely calling about a storm shelter.

  • Grateful has a whole new meaning.

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