Sunday, June 26, 2011

Organizing on the Sabbath

Usually working on the Sabbath isn't a recommended thing. I have done some reading on the what it means to rest from work and take a day that reminds you that God is God and you are not. A day where you celebrate creation and not worry about your to-do list. I feel very strongly about stepping away from the craziness and taking a deep breath and maybe a nap.

So, you might be surprised that I spent my Sabbath organizing my pantry. That's work, right? Well, not to me. To me it is a beautiful thing to take something from chaos to order. Spending a an hour purging old crackers, simplifying shelves and making things a little more manageable actually brings my heart joy. Ending the day with a heart full of joy is exactly the goal of the Sabbath.

Here is the pantry and Tupperware cabinet before. Remember, we just moved in, so things got shoved where there was space. My girls actually put away the Tupperware and they did a good job. I just needed to consolidate.

The cabinets were a mess. I wouldn't even look in them. I would just grab something and close the door.

I spent time using my Tupperware the way it is intended. Imagine that, when you put food in your Tupperware containers it organizes your pantry and it creates space in your plastic-ware cabinet.

Here is the new simplified plastic-ware cabinet. I was actually able to empty some things from a full cabinet in the utility room with all the space I created. Ah, space. there is nothing like having a space for everything and everything in its space.

Here is the pantry:

The amazing thing, that you wouldn't know until I told you, is that the pantry is actually now COLOR - CODED! Red for snacks, blue for cereal and baking goods.
When I told Maeve this she replied, "I think you are sick." Maybe, but I'm sick and organized! Hilde, who shares my organizational illness, just gasped and said, "Wow."

So, what is the sacramental lesson for the day? First, your Sabbath is your own. You can use it any way you like. Hopefully, it will bring you and the people around you joy.

Second, little things go a long way. I didn't win the lottery, I didn't get a new car, and I didn't meet Oprah - but I did something small, and fairly quick and it brought me great joy.

It is a great way to start the week.

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