Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Unexpected Fun

We took a detour today and ended up having an fun afternoon that recharged our batteries and gave us lots of creative ideas for the new house.

We stumbled upon Feathered Nest Market .

This great store is right across the street from our library but you can't really see it well the way we usually drive. Today we were headed the opposite direction and this gem of a store caught our eyes.

It is an antique, resale, vintage, flea market kind of place better known ad heaven for the three crafty Perrin ladies. We saw lots of stuff we wanted and lots of great ideas.

The timing was perfect because we have a whole house to decorate.

While we oohed and aahed down the aisles, I realized how fortunate I am to have girls. I am sure that I would have been happy had I birthed boys but I am pretty sure that afternoons like today wouldn't work so well. I can't imagine two boys lasting more than an hour with antiques and glittery things.

It was also nice to see things that spurred my creativity. I have been in a decorating rut lately. I am just trying to empty boxes, prettily arranging things hasn't been a high priority. One of the things I loved about the store is that each "room" was decorated.

Now I have bunches of ideas and a few things on my list to pick up next time.

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