Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lordy, Lordy Look Who's Forty

I celebrated a milestone birthday recently. It took my forever in blog years to write about it because I was waiting for something profound to say. I waited and waited and waited and nothing.

Here's what happened:

I celebrated with great friends and family and a True Grit showdown.

(The original John Wayne or the Cohen Brothers, Jeff Bridges version? My honest answer: both were good. I will have to say that John Wayne, was well, John Wayne and Jeff Bridges was actually an amazing Rooster Cogburn. The new version is much darker than the original. The old version is a classic.)

I enjoyed several restaurant dinners with sparkling conversation and was surrounded by children I adore.

It doesn't really get any better than that.

I realized I didn't have time to be retrospective because I was busy with life. I still had to do laundry, clean, get the girls to activities, feed everyone, go to the grocery and pay bills.

Maybe when I am fifty, I will plan to take a break and be purposefully reflective. Trying to take a break at forty doesn't seem like the responsible thing to do. There is too much stuff to do.

Anyway, this is what I settled on. I love my life. My kids amaze me. I am more the person I was created to be now than any year before. Forty isn't as bad as I imagined and as they say in Lake Wobegon, "It could be worse."

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