Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr. Fluffy Pants, Kitty and the Twins - a post for my husband

Do you believe in karma? I don't actually believe in karma but after these past few months maybe I should.

You see we have begun to notice something very strange in our new neighborhood. We have just moved moved half way across the country from our old home in Rhode Island. In some ways it is very different. In other ways it is freakishly similar.

It turns out that the new house came accessorized with cats. Not just one cat that stays in his yard but several cats that like to visit us often.

First there is is Kitty. He is our most regular cat. I think he thinks that our yard is his home away from home. He will often sleep on our patio or stone wall at our front door. He lets Maeve and Hilde hold him and will stay all day in our back yard.

Then there is Mr. Fluffy Pants. He is an orange tabby who lives in the house behind us. He is very cute and cuddly. He does not like other cats though and will often come and try to scare away Kitty from our yard. Maeve and Hilde think he is mean.

Then there is Fraidy Cat. He belongs to the people next door. He loves to visit with other cats but is slightly socially challenged, so he will often be found creeping across our yard making his way across the street to say hi to the Siamese twins. Like a 12 year old boy who doesn't know how to talk to girls.

The Twins are two Siamese who live across the street. They like to hide in our bushes and wait for a bird to come along.

The last cat is Cara's cat. He lives directly across the street and just comes to sit on the lawn and chat with his other cat friends.

It seems like our yard is kind of a country club for the neighborhood cats. This would be freakish enough as it is but in our case it is downright unsettling.

Why you ask? We seem to attract cats. Every house we live in we have stray cats come to visit.

However, Daniel hates cats. Really, really, really, really hates cats.

He hates cats in a vendetta kind of way.

Over the years it has become like a Godfather saga. Cats come into the yard and Daniel rails. He spends way too much energy trying to figure out how to get rid of them.

If you ever hear him say, "I am going to take you to Warwick." run, it's code.

This cat scenario has repeated itself in every house we have owned. Like a feline version of Groundhog Day. We move in, the cats begin to torment my husband. He gets angry and plots revenge.

It does seem to have escalated. I mean who else has six cats come into their yard on a regular basis? It also does seem to be a case study for karma. This is what happens when you are mean to cats, you get more cats.

So far Daniel has tried to ignore the parade of cats in the yard. Hilde and Maeve love having them. We are kind of like grandparents in the pet world. We get to play with them and then they go home to their parents.

I wish Daniel would see it that way. He doesn't.

Karma aside maybe there is a spiritual lesson here. God could be trying to teach Daniel patience. Maybe God sent the cats to teach Daniel to move out of his comfort zone and learn to love an animal.

Or quite possibly maybe these cats are here to teach Daniel to let some things go and live in the mystery.

If I had to guess it would be that. Life is too short to wonder why cats pick us. It is a mystery. My kids love them and I don't have take care of them. That makes three of us happy.

Maybe Daniel will catch up soon.

I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Cats are agents of Satan.

    Sprinklers work well.

  2. We have a sprinkler system. The cats seem to know the schedule and just come back when it is done. It is seriously freaky how many cats come in our yard.

  3. ...because Satan sends them a text message before and after the sprinklers turn on.

  4. There's a joke in the making. Where do cats keep their cell phones?

  5. Ok, M. Lin is hilarious!!!! I love that you and your girls love them, but oh that picture of all the cats gave me so much anxiety! Why are they their? Are they plotting something? Will they spring at you if you try to walk through them? Will they squirm their way into your house and never leave? Will they continue to invite their cat friends until you're known as the cat house?

    I don't like cats either. They scare me.

  6. Why are they there, not their. I'm obviously too tired to comment properly today!

  7. Amy when the day I posted this. I would look out the window and see 2 cats. Then look out a little while later and see 2 more. It is kind of like Dawn of the Dead except cats and not zombies. They seem to be happy staying in the yard and are not breaking down the doors to get in. And yes Mark is hilarious.