Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quote of the day from Mother Teresa

"We are called to be contemplative in the heart of the world - by seeking the face of God in everything, everyone, everywhere, all the time, and His hand in every happening; seeing and adoring the presence of Jesus, especially in the lowly appearance of bread, and in the distressing disguise of the poor."

....And in the lady who cut me off this morning, only to then crawl into the turn lane.

....And in the husband who doesn't know where the linen closet is and needs me to provide him with a washcloth.

....And in the two entirely different ailments plaguing my house.

....And in the little girl who devoured a double shot cupcake at 4pm before either of us realized the coffee content of said dessert. We realized the content at 1am.

....And in the laundry that needs to be done again, even though there is still a basket a clean clothes that need to be put away.

....And in the lady who performed the mammogram yesterday asking repeatedly if I was alright, when i just wanted to be done.

....And in salted caramel coffee mixed with decaf as I begin to detox from my coffee addiction.

....And in blueberry pancakes that used the last blueberries before they wasted.

....And for slow mornings with no where to go and all the time in the world to listen to today's recitation on "How our beans are growing".

....And for very strange weather years. Record snows, tornadoes, record heat and now freak East Coast earthquakes.

....And for the daughter whose 1 Corinthians 13 copy work puts it all back in perspective.

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