Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rain - a list.

A huge line of thunderstorms is moving across our area. It is 10am and so dark outside it seems like 10pm.

Things to be thankful for on a rainy day in OKC:

  • I love thunderstorms and so does Maeve. We have had a great morning of storm watching.
  • Hilde is still sleeping. If it stays this dark, she may sleep until noon. She needs a good long sleep, she has been really tired lately.
  • Rain means that I can turn off my sprinkler system for a few days and save a few pennies.
  • It also means I don't have to worry so much about dry, cracked house foundations. One less anxiety for the day.
  • It is only 70 degree outside right now. That is 30 degrees cooler than it will be tomorrow and 40 degrees cooler than Sunday was.
  • Cooler temps mean my brain may still be functioning at 4pm, instead of being melted like it has been.
  • My AC is getting a much deserved rest. It has been plugging away, almost constantly since Memorial Day.
  • It is almost like having a snow day. We can't go anywhere, no one else it out but we don't have to shovel.
  • I can hear the ranchers, construction workers, landscapers, and all the other outside workers sighing with relief.

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