Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A conversation from the back seat.

After dropping Maeve off at gymnastics this afternoon, Hilde and I saw a Ford Flex. 

Me: Hilde, I love that car.

Hilde:  It’s too boxy mom.  You are not boxy, you are more octagonal.

Me:  What?

Hilde:  Your natural shape is an octagon.

Me:  It is?!

Hilde:  Yes.

Me:  Hmmm.  What shape are you?

Hilde:  I am circle.  Maeve is either a triangle or a square.

Me:  Why are you a circle?

Hilde:  Because I am smooth.

Me:  Smooth, huh?

Me:  What shape is Maeve, again?

Hilde:  Either a triangle or a rectangle.

Me: Why? Oh wait, I get that one. 
(Maeve is definitely an equilateral triangle or a square.  That girl is all right angles.  She is the T-square of our family.)

Me: So why am I an octagon?

Hilde:  I don’t know you just are.  It’s just your shape. 

Me:  Hmmm, an octagon, really?

Hilde: Really.

(I am still wondering why Hilde thinks I am an octagon.  For the record, I think she is referring to the shape of my soul.  My body needs work, but I not octagon shaped.
The possibilities are now running around in my head.  Does Hilde think I am octagon because I have many sides?  Does this mean I do too much?  Does she think I am all over the place?  Why do I think that an octagon leans towards busyness?  Maybe it just means I have lots of angles.   Why does this have to have a deeper meaning?  Why can’t I just let an octagon be an octagon?  This is driving me crazy.  Why does my ten year old daughter think I am octagon?  I need to know.  I need to know because maybe it will help me understand who my kids think I am.  Maybe it will help me be a better person or a better version of me.  What if knowing why I am an octagon is some kind of missing link to unlock a vital piece of self-understanding?)

On the way back to get Maeve two hours later, I was still thinking about being an octagon.  So, I continued the conversation.

Me:  What shape is dad?

Hilde: I’ve never thought about it.

(Why?  Why have you never thought about what shape your father is, but you are so sure your mother is an octagon?!)

Hilde: I guess he is mix between a circle and rectangle. 

Me:  What would that be? A crescent?

Hilde: Sure. Why are you still thinking about this?

Me:  Just wondering.

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  1. The song Wind Mills of Your Mind fits this blog today. I gave up years ago trying to find the meaning of what my daughters were saying. The advantage is now years later I smile as they try to explain it to me again, only now I do know the meaning and it's just fun putting them through the wheel within a wheel.