Friday, November 11, 2011

Subtitles Part Two

This subtitle re-evaluation was harder than I thought it would be.   It has opened a whole bunch of thoughts for me about my intentions for this blog.  It also comes at a time when I am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  As if a mother and blogger and home manager are somehow not enough.

One of the thoughts that floated by me and I finally pinned down is "Mission Drift".  I was listening to the great story of the Oklahoma City Infant Crisis Center and the speaker said, "We tried that but we realized it was mission drift."  When I heard that word, I thought. "That's exactly what I am experiencing - mission drift!" 

Mission drift is when you start out wanting to focus on one thing and a whole bunch of other good things come along and you want to add them too because they are such good things.   Then things get tough to juggle and nothing is getting done really well  because you have strayed from your original intent; you have drifted from your mission.    This is the story of my life and most recently of my blog.

Do I want to share with the cute antics of my super amazing daughters?  Well, yes but really NO.  The point of this blog is not a mere journal.  I really do have a purpose, I promise.   

My intention, my mission, my goal, with every post is to use my life as a word picture for how God works through motherhood.  Sometimes it's pretty but a lot of times it's not; but everything when looked through the filter of grace is a chance to see holiness.  A chance to be a little more holy and whole.  

My suspicion of mission drift was confirmed, when Daniel said something like, "Well, it's not like you see God in breakfast."  To which I replied, "Oh but I DO!  That is exactly the point!" Somehow, I wasn't very good at communicating that to him.

You see, that's my gift.  I see God everywhere and in everything that ordinary life dishes out.  Especially in my home.  I want to show you how to see Him too.  I want moms to be in awe of the things that happen when we pay attention. I want people to look at me, and honestly I want me to look at me, and think being a mom is most important job in the world and more then enough.  In fact, more than I can ask for or imagine. 

So, to that end this new subtitle adventure has helped me re-focus, clarify and tidy my intentions.   I think I finally found one that fits.  Here it is:

Declaring the miracles in ordinary motherhood.

Here's why I chose it:  

I loved the idea of high purpose but to be a high purpose means someone has a low purpose and I don't think any one's job is a less than mine.  

I wanted to make a strong point - that's what I do best, teach.  So I wanted to be a little more forceful than just "discover" or "exploring".   (Thanks Ellen for reminding me that this sets me apart!)

Then I searched the trusty, old Merriam's again for a word that mean "point to" because that's what I want.  I realized that "Declare" means to point to and also this, "To make know (something abstract) through outward signs."  That's pretty much a synonym for Sacrament.  How cool is that?!   (Thanks Cheryl for that suggestion.)

What I want to point out is the MIRACLE in EVERYDAY, ORDINARY LIFE because that's when and where miracles take place.

So that's what I came up with.  What do you think?

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