Sunday, November 6, 2011


I started this blog two years ago.  When I did I came up with the name and then copied a dictionary entry for the word sacrament and pasted it as a subtitle.  I thought it was self explanatory.  

When people read: "Sacrament...An action or object of ecclesiastical origin that serves to express or increase devotion"  I thought they would understand that I see motherhood as something sacred and that my life as a mother increases my devotion to both my family and to God.  

Well, I guess it wasn't as clear as I thought.  Daniel in particular is asking for some clarification.  He hates "church" talk and apparently my subtitle is too churchy.   He doesn't really understand what I mean when I say "sacrament" or "ecclesiastical",  Go figure. 

I am going to ignore the fact that he has had these feelings for two years and is just getting around to telling me maybe I could be a little more succinct.  (Thanks for helping me start strong, honey.)  

I am also going to give his male IT brain the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe he isn't the only one that doesn't quite get it.  I will also refrain from pointing out that maybe male, computer geeks aren't my target audience.  

I will ignore all these variables and make an effort to appease my husband and work on a new subtitle.  

Maybe in the course of helping Daniel I just might make my blog a little more approachable for everyone.  To that end I have come up with some new subtitles.   Here there are:

Sacramental Mothering:
Viewing motherhood as a spiritual journey.
Seeing God in ordinary days.
Seeing Jesus in my family and being Jesus to my family.
Letting Motherhood form my soul. 
Living the higher purpose in motherhood.
Reclaiming motherhood as a spiritual act.
Making every day  sacred. 

That's what I have so far.   Please vote on your favorite.  I would love to hear what makes sense to you and why.  

I do want moms - and male computer geeks - to read what I write and be encouraged that inside every day is a miracle, we just have discover it.

Hmmm, that sounds like a good subtitle. 


  1. This male IT geek likes the proposed subtitles of Viewing motherhood as a spiritual journey or Seeing Jesus in my family and being Jesus to my family.

    Whenever I have questioned your subtitle, I get a response about copying word-for-word from the dictionary, the subtitle is self explanatory, and that I am not your target audience. I am not just getting around to offering my opinion, since this has been my feedback whenever I try to understand the subtitle. I think that you are just getting around to thinking that maybe I am not the only one that doesn't quite get it.

  2. I'm voting for the "leave it as it is" option! The title is clear to me, and the subtitle, even with its big words, is very "Jill". Stay true to you! Unless... doing so will cause sacramental marriage issues :) Sorry Daniel!

    from mj :)

  3. I like your last comment "inside every day is a miracle, we just have to discover it". I do agree with Daniel in that I think you need your own definition. One that means something to you and it is "yours".

    I can honestly say I never really chose to understand the definition you placed up there because I focused on "Sacramental Mothering" and on your posts. From them I understand that motherhood is a spiritual journey. Maybe because I am sharing part of that journey.
    I also understand from knowing you that you are taking that journey with Jesus and your family.

    So there's my 2 cents for whatever it is worth.


  4. Jill, I understood your definition. How about going the Catholic route and saying something about Mary.

  5. Jenny, I was thinking of "helping reclaim the vocation of motherhood" but I thought that might be too churchy too

  6. Beck - Thanks! This helps a lot. It is always so hard to see what you write objectively. I know what I am talking about and sometimes I assume everyone else does too. :)

  7. I just found your blog. There is something about the line "Letting Motherhood form my soul," that touches me. Good luck with your choice.