Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

So, who is the awful daughter who completely forgot to call her dad on his birthday?  Yep, me.  To be fair I thought about it all day long.  It was just that is was 65 degrees and we needed to go outside. Then when we got home I needed to make dinner, clean and do the ever present laundry.

In an attempt to suck make up for my bad behavior here is a retrospective of my father.
Here he is at his first communion.  I won't bore you with a comparison photo but  my brother looks just like. How cute is he?

Elementary school.  His eyes are the best shade of blue and  Maeve's eyes are excellently the same  color.

Here he is in the Five and Dime.  I love this photo but I am not sure why.  I think it is because I love the Five and Dime.  It could be that this is what his shed looks like now. 
Middle School maybe?  Love the tie.  When was the last time a boy wore a tie in a school photo?

My dad and his brother Howard being forced to dress up for something.

My dad and mom at Christmas.  Very dashing in the tux. His Frank Sinatra  impression.

There should be a picture here of my dad with sideburns.  He sported that look through the 70s.  They matched his gray plaid suit.  However, I can't find any and it's late.

Finally here he is in his favorite place - his boat.  We got to go fishing with him last year.  It was the first time the girls had been on his boat.  They still talk about how much fun it was.  From his smile, I think my dad had fun too.

Love you. 

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