Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can't really argue with their reasoning

We had the glorious opportunity to have Sunday Night Family Dinner this week.  While we were all together, for the first time in weeks, I took the opportunity to bring up some topics I wanted the family to discuss.  One topic was CABLE TV.

I casually suggested that maybe we didn't need cable TV and we should cancel it. I think in a lot of ways we would be better off without it.  Lest, you think I am a Luddite; this would leave us with a measly 4 computers, and two Ipads with which to spend screen time.

Well, you would have thought I suggested we sell Hilde.  Both girls gasped and began to defend their beloved cable.  The argument went something like this:

  • Me:  I think we should cancel cable
  • Maeve & Hilde: (horrified gasp) WHAT WOULD WE DO THAT FOR?
  • Me: TV is bad for you and it would save money.
  • Hilde:  But we've always had cable!  We don't know how to live without it.  We are not like you who grew up with BLACK AND WHITE TV!
  • Me:  I had color TV, we just had a black & white set also.
  • Hilde: I bet it had bunny ears
  • Me:  Rabbit ears, they are called Rabbit ears and yes we did have them.  
(They came attached to the weird turner dial thing)
  • Maeve:  We MUST have FOOD NETWORK.  What will I watch without FOOD NETWORK. 
(Nothing, that's kind of the point.)
  • Hilde:  I NEED to watch Little House on the Prairie.  
(The irony that she is complaining about my '70s childhood devoid of good TV and her favorite show is the same show I watched as a child in the '70s is not lost on me.)
  • Maeve:  Here let me show you this.  This is what it would be like.

When I stopped laughing, I realized I can't argue.  I don't want to go back their either. 

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