Friday, July 13, 2012

Unraveled by a Blog Post

On this birthday morning I was lazily enjoying bouncing around the Internet and basking in Facebook birthday wish glow when I ended here:

A Holy Experience

I am following Ann Voskamp's journey in Haiti because I have a dear friend that splits her heart between Haiti and New England.  Haiti is a place that I pray for and one day hope to visit.

My eyes brimmed with tears as I read of the search to find hope in a very hopeless place.  You have to search for hope anywhere but in Haiti I imagine it is sometimes a desperate search to find a tiny bit of hope that will sustain you.

Reading about Haiti makes me think of my friend Lynn, who is in Haiti right now too.  My mind wandered thinking of her story and how she learned to call Haiti her second home.

The further I read the more I heard a whisper in my ear.  A whisper connecting this post to the late night conversation with Daniel.  A conversation about the co-joined twins of hope and faith and the treasure they unlock - prayer.  Daniel and I talked about creation and sin.  How we live in a broken world.  

A broken world but not a hopeless world.  

We talked about fortitude and affection.  We talked about faith in healing and hope that prayer actually changes things.  I spoke of being tired and feeling like I am being swallowed by something I can't change.  

Then the whispers got louder and the tears overflowed as I read the last text of the Ann's post. 

You are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed.
—Luke 10:41-42

This is God's secret birthday message to me.   Luke 10:41-42.  My life verse.  The verse that is lodged in my soul as well as permanently inked on my body.  This is the verse that would not let me leave it for years.  Three years of separate studies all ending at this passage.  Years of reading and re-reading the story of Mary and Martha and uncovering all the layers of truth there.  

How could it possibly be that a blogger/author from Canada, that I don't know, would in be Haiti at the same the time my friend, who I do know, is in Haiti?  The coincidence drawing me to read her blog.  Drawing me to listen to a whisper that reveals a gift.  She has no idea this verse is essential to who I am today.  She doesn't even know who I am!  (or that it's my birthday).

Just in the nick of time for my waning hope; the gift says:
"Happy Birthday.  I moved heaven and earth to remind you of hope and faith today.  I am here just like I said I would be.  Keep your eyes on me and you'll be better than you can imagine."

My faith tells me that none of this is coincidence.  The Person at the center of my hope and faith, the one thing that I need, unravels me by announcing Himself just when I need Him most; in a way that is impossible to ignore.  

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