Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughts to Remember for Advent

I am re-reading some entries from Watch for Light.  A book of readings for Advent and Christmas. It is without a doubt my favorite Advent book.  

Today, the reading was written by Brennan Manning. I love what he says about Christmas:

But the shipwrecked at the stable tremble in adoration of the Christ-child and quake at the in-break of God Almighty.  
Because all the Santa Clauses and re-nosed reindeer, fifty foot trees and thundering church bells put together create less pandemonium than the infant Jesus when, instead of remaining a statue in a crib. He comes alive and delivers us over to the fire that he came to light......

The shipwrecked have stood at the still-point of a turning world and discovered that the human heart is made for Jesus Christ and cannot be content with less.....

Christmas means that God has given us nothing less than himself and his name is Jesus Christ...Don't be content with a "nice" Christmas when Jesus says, "It has pleased my Father to give you the kingdom.".....

As Christmas approaches, an honest question is: "Do I want to be or merely appear to be a Christian?"...anything connected with Christmas that is not centered in Christ Jesus - tree, ornaments, turkey dinner, exchange of gifts, worship itself - is empty gesturing. Blessed are the shipwrecked for they see God in the trappings of Christmas and experience a joy that the world does not understand.  

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