Friday, September 27, 2013

A Glimpse into our Home-school World

This morning I went to brush my teeth before school started. I am an awesome mom that way, I get rid of my coffee breath before we begin. It's the little things. 

Anyway, I came back into the dining room and saw this:

It's an ANI chart and outline for an essay titled Why We shouldn't do School Today. They learned how to do this in a writing class they have been taking. I was impressed. Some of the reasons include, "We've been awesome students" "We've been working very hard" "Most of our work is on time or ahead" "PC North (our public school District)has off" these are offset by "We're lazy" "It's a school day" "We need to finish on time" 

All true.

My favorite reason - "We need more time to clean". Yes, yes you do. 

My second favorite - "We need a parent teacher conference". Hmm, that could either be a date night with my husband or me time. Either way a win/win. 

As you can tell from the fact that I am posting this at 10:30am, I did let them have the day off on three conditions. They need to read, they need to start their Spanish project and I got to Instagram this chart. Hilde also suggested I blog about it. (She's my biggest blogging cheerleader.)  

I love this chart because it really does encapsulate my main goal in schooling my children at home. Which is that education is about your whole life, not just something you do during a block of time Monday through Friday. Being an educated person is more than knowing facts and being able to choose the right answer; it's about thinking, creating, and knowing how to learn. 

This one chart shows me that they are learning. More importantly that they are thinking, they can apply what they learned to new circumstances. It shows how important humor is to our family and that they really are "Awesome students". It also shows what they learned from their father, which is how to work the system. 

Finally, It shows that we need to work on spelling and handwriting.  That will have to wait until Monday. 



  1. Jill, I love this. The laughs came at the perfect time for me. Thank you. And your girls are awesome students! I'm so impressed. Have a great day off and enjoy your weekend.

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