Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Week

I am becoming a human version of the movie Holiday Inn. Do you know that movie? Bing Crosby leaves New York to run an Inn in Vermont.  The catch is that the Inn is only open on holidays. It's a really good movie and the prequel to the more famous White Christmas. Anyway, I feel like I am managing to post on holidays. Last post was Christmas, this post is Easter.

Once again Lent was messy. This year I gave up my fast about 1 week into it and the prep work that I intended to do for Easter went out the window.  My goal was to de-tox from Facebook and social media. After a week I realized Facebook has become a communication device for me and I was missing important messages.

In order to salvage something of Lent, I did spend some time yesterday meditating on this song.

It's such a good reminder that Easter was a continuation of God's work in the world. I heard NT Wright say recently that at Easter we are surprised that God did what He said He would do.

Then I listened to this song:

I love the way it talks about the hope present in simple things.

These past weeks of Lent I have really struggled to hold on to hope. In lots of areas in my life I am wondering what is next because things aren't going according to plan.  These songs reminded me that God has always shown up when hope seems lost. All you need is one small seed, one small glimpse of hope. Then that small seed will grow into full blown hope (and joy) if you let it.

That's Easter in a nutshell: No hope while Israel waited for a Messiah, then a little hope in the strange person of Jesus, Good Friday it seemed like all hope is lost, then Easter morning came with the unbelievable hope that God really did what He said He would.

As this week closes, I hang onto the hope that Easter is coming again and my hope lives on.

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  1. It is perfectly a god reminder that Easter was Gods continuation work in the world. Thanks this great piece of post. Appreciated!