Monday, July 7, 2014

Hilde's Confirmation

Hilde keeps reminding me that I haven't blogged about her Confirmation yet.  Apparently I wrote a huge post about Maeve's so she needs one too. So here it is.

This girl made her Confirmation on May 4th

Hilde is the epitome of grace and poise. Everything about her is classic. She found her confirmation dress at the clothing section of an antique car show. The dress was tea -length, white lace, with buttons down the back. She tried it on and I was about to question her judgement of buying a dress at a car show when I realized it fit her perfectly.  It fit perfectly in size, no alterations needed. It fit her in style.  A vintage dress for my vintage girl.  My girl who chooses dresses over pants and BBC documentaries with old British men over vampire movies.

Confirmation weekend was a whirl-wind event. We had visitors. My mom, two sisters, and my sister in law flew in from the East Coast.  Our Texas friends, who are Hilde's God parents came in from Texas. I am so glad that everyone came. It made me realize that I should have invited people to Maeve's confirmation. Having family there made it special.

As usual the actual Confirmation service had me in tears. It was the first major family event since dad passed away, so I can blame the excessive tears on the fact that most of the morning, I was thinking how much my dad would have loved to be there.  Or it could have been the fact that Dr. Gorrell, our senior pastor talked about the special relationship between grandpas and granddaughters in his sermon. Or the tears could have flowed because Hilde got to be confirmed by her favorite Oklahoma pastor Matt Judkins and her god-father, Jim Mueller.  

Jim is a pastor in Texas, so getting Sundays off is hard. I am so grateful he could make it. My heart was overwhelmed by the sight of Hilde being prayed over by the man who baptized her. Then I looked up and saw her surrounded by friends and family who have prayed for her, encouraged her, and live life together with our family.

This year Hilde had an amazing confirmation leader and two amazing small group leaders that invested time, energy and prayers into Hilde and her groups of friends. I am blessed to call these women friends and I am aware that in the middle of struggles in their own lives, they still carved time to bless my daughter.  

Confirmation means that Hilde chose to say yes to Jesus and become a member of the church.  It was her affirmation of all love and faith that has passed onto her through the years by so many friends. 

I had more tears for other confirmands.  I had an amazing bunch of young ladies that I had the privilege of leading through confirmation. It was a humbling experience to spend 12 weeks with girls listening to them wrestle with faith and grow in their understanding of God' love for them. 

My love is also deepening for my church family. Maeve was confirmed just after we joined Church of the Servant.  Now, three years later we are more connected to this place and its people. 

All good reasons to cry, right? Grateful tears are the best kind of tears. 

We had an jam packed schedule that, as well as confirmation, included Maeve's birthday party, a violin recital and youth choir concert. The only thing missing was a horse show, somehow we missed squeezing that in.  

We ended the weekend with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory - Hilde's pick. Even after a grueling schedule, there are still smiles. 


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  1. I love how you explained the Confirmation. A wonderful blog you have built there. Would love to see the future stories you will post here.