Monday, March 30, 2015

Three Things

Here are three things that have been rattling my world lately:

True story - I got a job.  A real job. Like a more than part time but less than full time job. This die-hard stay at home, sacrifice for the children, mama re-entered the workforce. 
And. nobody. died. 
Really, it has actually been a blessing.  We needed the money and it turns out I am little more sane when I have a full plate.  I realize this flies in the face of conventional wisdom but trust me, I am happier and you know what they say, "When mama's happy...."
The only things suffering are my ability to remember all the things and the cleanliness of my house. Both of which I am learning to compensate for. And we are still homeschooling.  It can be done. Before any calls the truancy office, I check in with my kids daily. They do their work. They want to continue homeschooling. So, as most things in life, we make it work.

It is the first time in a long time I haven't given anything up for Lent. I just couldn't get it together (see point one). Instead of fasting for Lent, I added something for Lent.  I added self-care.  I haven't been good with self-care in like ever, so this is new for me. One the self-care selections I made was buying a treadmill and then actually using it.  My 30 minute cardio also coincides happily with a great podcast series I am listening to.  Rob Bell has theses Robcasts and they are good. I love the way he uses words.  Somehow he managed to be comforting and challenging all at the same time.  I listened to number two tonight. It seemed very timely. The combination of working out your body while working out your soul is very energizing, After I am done, I feel an awesome sense of accomplishment.

Finally, My favorite blogger Leslie Marinelli posted here this week about how something has got to give.  Her family needs her and her writing needs her. In a strange way her post was a reminder to me that I have been missing this blog.  I haven't written in a long time and I can feel it. When I am awake enough to focus, I realize that something is missing inside me when I am not actively writing.  When you communicate through the written word and take a hiatus, after a while something starts to feel stuck.  I didn't want to rust completely and never get back in the habit.  Thank you Leslie for being the impetus for me getting this post finished. Creativity produces joy and gives life,  My soul is happy when I am creating.

These three things have been rattling my world and I am so grateful. Grateful that through it all God is moving and making me the person He created me to be.  My world doesn't look like anyone else's world and that's just fine, I think I like it that way. 

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  1. Everyone needs a job in order to run their lives, and there should be no shame in having a small part-time job at all. Everyone should appreciate what they have.