Saturday, June 8, 2019

I blinked

I blinked and two years have passed.  I feel like Rip Van Winkle of the blog world. Do people even blog anymore? I'm not sure, maybe I should do an Instagram poll to find out?

I woke up and it's June 2019.  This year Maeve turned 20 - one teenager down and one to go.  The biggest news of the year is that Hilde graduated high school!  

Hilde's graduation signals the end of our home school journey. The Perrin Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is officially shuttering its doors after having graduated two stellar pupils.  You should quit while you are ahead, I say.  Hilde will be attending Washington College in the Fall as a Quill & Compass scholar for the American Experience.  This honor is awarded to students who want to pursue careers in history, writing, public service, etc. which focus on what it means to be an American and how the American Experience was formed.  This is a perfect fit for a child who fell in love with George Washington at an early age.  Her love of history took off in high where she devoured historical biographies.  The scholarship comes with many internship opportunities through the Starr Center for the American Experience.  She can hardly wait to get there and get started.   It's Hilde's version of being a kid in a candy store.  

Generally as a mom, I am immensely proud of my children. In fact I often wonder how I got so lucky.  As a home-school mom, I had a little more hand's on planning of how their education would unfold.  No home school parent wants to admit this but there were many times I wondered if I were doing the right thing.  Was I making the best decision for them?  Would they be literate and love learning? (These were two goals for educating at home). I crafted lessons, chose curriculum, joined co-ops, bought hundreds of books without really knowing how it was going play out. Well, it turned out pretty well for me.  Maeve and Hilde are both literate and love learning, so goals accomplished.  They also know how to study, how learn something independently, how to arrange a schedule that fosters success and when to ask for help if they need it. Home-schooling doesn't teach all of this but it allows space for all of this.   I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Come to think of it being a home-school parent is really just parenting.  You have no idea how to do this, you figure it out as you go and you hope for the best.   The only sure sure thing is the love you have for your children.  Everything else is a gift. 

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